Videographer Tips

videoIf you want to shoot video for an event you have to know a few important tips that will take your video from a boring and basic memory to a legacy video one will never forget

Keep Steady – This is the number one rule. If you don’t learn anything else make sure you learn this one. No one wants a shaky video. To ensure your video is as steady as possible purchase a tripod. It will keep the frame in place unlike your hand.

Angles – Make sure you are mixing up the camera angles in your shots. You want a wide array of angles from close ups to wide and medium angles. It may seem like a lot of work but you will be thanking yourself during the editing process. These different angles will give your film the depth and quality clients desire. Read more »

Video Content

videoVideo is important but do you know how important? YouTube which is powered by Google is the number one video search in the world. With a quality video and the ability to have a lot of people find your video you can increase business to your website in result that could mean a lot of money in your pockets.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. By dissecting all the elements that create persuasive videos that move viewers into action, you can increase sales for your business website. Read more »

Freelance Video

videoAs a freelance video professional there is a lot that goes into the trade. It’s not as easy point and shoot as many would have you believe. With so many tools available now is as good as ever to get started on your video quest. Video is becoming widely popular and high quality video is in demand. A great video can tell a story that other mediums just can’t capture in the same light.

Here are 10¬†ways you can make money as a freelance videographer. Read more »